CA Productions is responsible for creating the concepts and formats for some of the biggest events in the industry. We can do anything from help you conceptualize an event that will best fit your marketing needs to formatting your event to maximize entertainment value.




We work with some of the biggest sponsors in the action sports industry. We will work with you to make sure your event has the proper partners and is properly funded.



We have the ability to staff and manage your entire event work force including medical, event professionals, registration, hospitality, sponsorship activation, operations, professional judges, live announcers, and branding. We work with sport organizers from all action sports disciplines to ensure all athletes from all disciplines are comfortable and perform to their best ability.



CA Productions has extensive contacts throughout the industry insuring your event will always have the best talent possible. We will handle all athlete invites, travel arrangements, autograph sessions, press meetings and event scheduling.



Our team has the ability to not only run your event, but produce a full recap or a day to day experience to share with your audience. We work with some of the best photographers, filmers, editors, and designers in the business.


Our partner California RampWorks is the leader in premiere action sports event builds. They also specialize in sales, rentals, logistics, staging, set production, management, and home ramp kits. Using state of the art 3D design modeling and our world class fabrication shop and design studio to produce some of the world’s most prestigious events, including: The X Games, Dew Tour, the MegaRamp, Red Bull Hartlines, Budweiser’s Made In America Festival and more. Learn more at www.carampworks.com



Neal Mims has dedicated over 30 years of his life to skateboarding and has been a professional for over 16 of them. He has graced the pages of major magazine publications worldwide including the cover of TWS Magazine, Big Brother , & has appeared in numerous skate videos and tv shows.

Neal's 34 years of well rounded skateboarding experience allows him to be versitile and judge various skate events including street, vert, mega, and park.  


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San Diego native, Alphonzo Rawls turned pro for H-Street Skateboards in 1990 and was given an opportunity to design his own signature shoe in 1996 which lead to a 20 year career in product design and development.  Skateboarder, artist, product designer ... Alphonzo was able to take his skill set learned through skateboarding and create his own apparel brand EVERYBODY SKATES.

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Lincoln Ueda started skateboarding in 1986 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In 1998 he moved to the USA, now a full-time resident of San Marcos, CA. He has been competing and doing demos around the world since 1989, has competed in the Vert and Big Air discipline at the X Games for many years. His attacking style is often a “go big or go home” type mentality. In the last few years he has been focusing on his new skateboard wheel brand called Alta Wheels. Lincoln has been judging many pro and amateur events across the globe.

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Alec Beck is a lifelong skateboarder, skatepark designer and advocate. An X Games Gold Medalist, he is best known for his work creating Stoner Park in Los Angeles and facilitating the liberation of the famous West LA Courthouse as a legal skate spot. His stints with Built To Shred, Hollywood productions and the CA family brought him both center stage and behind the scenes, to make sure skateboarding is represented properly. A true ATV, he’s always down to skate anything in front of him. He currently works as the Programs Manager at the Tony Hawk Foundation, helping bring grant funding and training to those working on public skateparks in low-income communities. His fiancé is also a pro skater and he helps her run the world’s biggest all female skateboarding competition every year. 



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A mainstay on the Toy Machine Skateboards team since 2002, Billy Marks turned pro in 2004 at the ripe old age of 21-years-old. His crew from his hometown of Corona, California includes both Matt Bennett and Jeremy Leabres, who are his respective Toy Machine teammates as well and making their own impacts on skateboarding. Billy’s standout video parts in Toy Machine’s GOOD AND EVIL and Fallen’s RIDE THE SKY still resonate to this day. No stranger to contests, Billy worked his way up from amateur contests in the early 2000’s to today’s pro contests, and has consistently placed well in both street and best trick events over the past decade. Now in the latter portion of his professional career, Billy is excited to be on the other side of the judging panel.

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